More partnerships with local not-for-profit organizations

We have some amazing groups in Buncombe County that are providing invaluable services to our residents. 

Many do so on a shoestring budget and are already excellent partners with our county government. Whether partnering with Habitat for Humanity or Mountain Housing Opportunities for affordable housing, working with the YMCA to implement a Diabetes Prevention Program, or one of the many programs that receive funding under the Tipping Point Grants, these partners are some of the best use of tax dollars to provide services to our community.

Investing in more of these types of organizations is one of the best ways we have to deliver services for a very economical cost.  I’ve seen first hand as part of the Awesome Foundation how grants of as little as $1000 can produce great results. One Awesome grant recipient, the Asheville Mini Maker Faire, has turned into an annual event that provides kids and families with amazing opportunities to learn how to build from makers, artists, and engineers.  As Commission Chair I would start by doubling the amount of Tipping Point Grants as well as looking to build other partnerships with local not-for-profit organizations. These bridges between our government and community will help deliver a better Buncombe County for a very low cost to the taxpayer.

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Key Issues

Ethical lapses in county government have siphoned off millions in taxpayer dollars.  We need increased transparency.

Learn more about my plan HERE.

Not-for-profit organizations provide incredibly cost-effective services to our community. 

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The gap between the highest paid county employees and those at the bottom has grown too large. 

We need a fairer pay scale for our county government. Learn more here.

Our Tourism Development Authority spends a higher percentage of its budget on advertising than any other tourism board in North Carolina.  That has to end.

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