Creating more fairness in our County Government

We would all like a county government that is both representative of and responsive to our community.

Over the years, salaries for top government officials have grown disproportionately both in relationship to average residents of Buncombe County and to other county employees.  I will work to curtail the growth of salaries at the top end of the scale and do more for those earning more modest incomes.  

Instead of across the board raises, we should split employees into groups when considering raises.  A proposal that gives a higher percentage to those earning under $50,000 per year, more modest for those earning between $50,000 and $100,000, and more modest still for those earning over $100,000 would begin to address this imbalance.

People working for our county government should make a good living, but it shouldn’t be so far removed from what residents earn that our citizens feel distanced from those working in local government.

Get Involved

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Key Issues

Ethical lapses in county government have siphoned off millions in taxpayer dollars.  We need increased transparency.

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Not-for-profit organizations provide incredibly cost-effective services to our community. 

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The gap between the highest paid county employees and those at the bottom has grown too large. 

We need a fairer pay scale for our county government. Learn more here.

Our Tourism Development Authority spends a higher percentage of its budget on advertising than any other tourism board in North Carolina.  That has to end.

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